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Background of Route Generator

Background of Route Generator

My name is Michiel Jansen. I started developing this program as a hobby project, because I could not find any free (and simple to use) route generation software. I've already used it successfully for a few of my own video editing projects and I think it works quite well. So I thought that others might find it useful as well and I decided to make it available on my homepage as Route Generator v1.0.

I posted a message on a Dutch forum of a site about video editing (, with the request if people wanted to download the program and give it a try. I received a lot of positive feedback. Some people started suggesting the program on other video editing forums as well. The datalimit of my home page was reached a few times and even a tutorial was written for it (see Links section)

Then I decided to create a SourceForge project for it and released version 1.1 of Route Generator on this project page. I also started this dedicated website.