Convert route to GPX file and import in Route Generator

Since Route Generator is now able to import GPX files, you can also use this feature to convert a planned route (using e.g. openroute service) and convert it to a GPX file.

There are also tools available to convert a Google Maps KML/KMZ file to GPX. See for example: MyGeodata Converter or GPS Visualizer.

The example below shows how to export a route from openroute service and them import that route into Route Generator.

Go to openroute service and enter a source and destination and optionally modify the route. When ready, export the route to GPX.

Click "Export Route" button (see red arrow).

Select "togpx", enter name for a route and click "Download".

In Route Generator, click the GPX import button on the toolbar.

Select the exported GPX file

When currenlty no map is loaded, the dialog above will be shown. Click "Yes" to go to Google Maps to select an appropriate map.

Zoom out until green rectangle (which shows the boundaries of your route) is fully visible. Then click OK and save your map.

Now your selected map and route will be loaded in Route Generator from which you can generate your movie.