News about Route Generator

5 March 2016: Versie 1.7.1 released

In this version the Zeranoe FFmpeg generator is included and will by default be activated after installation on Windows. By using FFmpeg, the conversion of HD video's will go faster and result in a higher quality of the output video. It is still possible to switch back to the Bmp2Avi generator by re-activating it via Edit → Preferences → Advanced tab.

Thanks to Kyle Schwarz, the builder of the Zeranoe FFmpeg Windows builds.

2 Februari 2015: Version 1.7 released

It took some time, but finally released a new version of Route Generator. This new version doesn't contain a lot of new features, but hopefully some people will find them useful:

These new features will be explained in more detail from the Help > Tutorial menu, under the topic New in version 1.7.

3 January 2014: Version 1.7 under development

Started developments for version 1.7 of Route Generator, see new Code rss feed page to monitor the progress.

10 November 2012: Version 1.6 tutorial added

The Route Generator v1.6 installer, didn't contain the tutorial. I've added a patch installer that will add the tutorial to the currently installed Route Generator.
It is still a litlebit outdated, but overall the process is still the same.

The tutorial patch can be downloaded from the Download section.

28 April 2012: Version 1.6 released!

Version 1.6 of Route Generator has been released, with the following new features:
(Thanks to the co-efforts of Fabien Valthier)

The new version can be downloaded from the Download section.

4 April 2012: New version almost ready.

A new version will now soon be released, with the following new features:
(Thanks to the co-efforts of Fabien Valthier)

Now still improving some final issues, so have a littlebit more patience please.
See development log for technical details of current status.

For the rest I would like to get rid of bmp2avi on Windows (for movie generation), because some people are running into problems with it. Would like to find out if I can use FFmpeg on Windows as well (like on Linux), but I don't think I will make it to get it into the next version.

18 September 2011: Support children in need.

Due to a work holiday of 3 months in Nepal, I didn't have time to finalize the new version for Route Generator. I will return in November, so I will try to make time for it then. One of the biggest improvements will be that routes will be editable! More details will follow later...

And now for something completely different:

Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. It may seem a developed country when you are visiting as a tourist, but once you get away from the beaten (tourist) track, you will see it still needs a lot of development, especially related to women's and children's rights. Currently I am helping an organisation here in Nepal (VIN) to set-up a website for raising money to build an orphanage house. In October I will join a charity trekking to the Mount Everest base camp to raise money for the oprhanage house as well.

If you also think it's important that unfortunate children are getting good education and a proper home, please have a look at the following sites and consider making a donation for children in need:

Thanks in advance,

PS. I will keep you updated about the new version of Route Generator, which I will try to put online before the end of this year.

9 June 2011: New website layout

16 January 2011: Released version 1.5 of Route Generator.

Mainly thanks to the contributions of Fabien Valthier (a new developer for Route Generator from France), the following features have been added or improved:

28 November 2010: Released version 1.4 of Route Generator.

This version contains the possibility to import a map from Google Maps to use as background map for your route (see Help->Tutorial for further explanation).

28 March 2010: Released version 1.3.1 of Route Generator.

In this minor update a few issues have been resolved:

23 August 2009: Released version 1.3 of Route Generator

This version contains the following new features:

29 July 2008: Released version 1.2 of Route Generator

16 May 2008: Start-up of!

Today came available for my use, so I moved all the stuff from my homepage to this location.

05 May 2008: Released version 1.1 of Route Generator!

First release of Route Generator published on and

29 April 2008: Released version 1.0 of Route Generator!

See background section for more details.